Our Mission

ASKA Biotech provides monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins in constant high-quality. Our products are used for research, in-vitro diagnostic and preclinical trials. We support our customers for their success. Our goal is to provide independent reliable services at competitive prices, to fulfill the specific requirements of our customers. Each member of our team is well-trained in his field of activity, with multiple years of experience.

Our Vision

ASKA Biotech will be your first choice independent partner for your outsourcing needs. Next to our ISO 9001:2015 certification we will be certified for ISO 13485 and will launch medical devices. With satisfied customers all over the world, we name small research units, small and medium sized enterprises and global pharmaceutical companies to our clients.

Moreover we have a deep focus on digital transformation to connect order processing with our production processes. So we are able to offer you the whole value chain on our future online platform.

Our Management

Anke Holzinger (CEO, Business Development & Marketing)
Anke has a Diploma in biology with focus in biophysics, zoology and botany. She worked in biotechnology business development and marketing for more than eight years. So Anke knows what the needs of the customers are. She will take care of all your product requirements.

Siegmund Karasch - CEO, Production Manager at ASKA Biotech

Siegmund Karasch (CEO, Production Management)
Siegmund has over 30 years experience in cell line development, antibody production and sample analysis. He was responsible for raw material supply at B.R.A.H.M.S for 20 years. He founded a successful contract manufacturing organization and started this independent business after his exit. If you have a problem within your project, he will find the solution.

ASKA Biotech Alexandra Rindermann CEO and Quality Manager

Alexandra Rindermann (CEO, Quality Management & Quality Control)
Alexandra worked over eight years in the quality control department, which she led for several years. She was in charge for the quality of numerous antibodies which were used in FDA approved IVD kits. She will pay attention for all processes and quality arrangements and ensure that you get your protein in constant high quality.